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Special reports, news briefs, clean energy, announcements, and notices about grant opportunities

* Cover article about ADE in the Energy Business Review (EBR): Top 10 Energy Consulting Providers 2023: top of page placement, EBR website, "Magazine" tab

Current EBR News Section Post

* Six-page article about ADE in The Innovation Platform : Accelerating Climate and Energy Innovation


*Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs Profile

*ADE's Partner Page  on the Innovation News Network (INN) website describes ADE's services, along with links to the  clean energy articles, posts, and eBook that have been published by the Innovation News Network

*YOU, ME, life on the planet, and the climate crisis a 16-page eBook published in collaboration with the Innovation News Network that illuminates why there is still hope in combating the growing threat of the climate crisis and provides 25 ways in which you -- as just one person -- can make a clean energy difference .
See the INN article on the eBook.

*Recent ADE articles published by INN (see list of articles at bottom of ADE's Partner Page or click on the links below): 






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*Visit Breakthrough News to read about breakthrough  technologies, innovations, and advances that have caught ADE’s attention

* View ADE's full-page ad describing its dual roles as an enabler and innovator

* Download ADE's Brochure

* Click here to view and download a list of current U.S. federal government funding opportunities
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