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U.S. Federal Agency & Congressional Advocacy

The Alternative Fuels & Chemicals Coalition (AFCC), co-founded by ADE's Managing Director in 2019, has had a significant impact on federal policies and increasing the annual federal agency appropriations that support the alternative fuels, renewable chemicals, biobased products, and sustainable aviation fuels industries. AFCC is now the second largest bioeconomy advocacy group in the U.S. with 150+ member companies that employ more than 600,000 people and generate in excess of $350 billion per year in revenues

About Us

This page provides links describing:

  • The services provided by ADE's  companies

  • The impact that  the advocacy organization co-founded by ADE's managing director has had on federal policies.

  • Articles by ADE's managaging director to help  innovators advance

Project Financing

ADE's principal company provides financing solutions to companies that are advancing new technologies, innovations, and ground-breaking projects

ADE's Innovations

Three of ADE’s companies are pursuing innovations in agriculture, rural land stewardship, and transportation that will make significant contributions to sustainability and mitigating the climate crisis.

Helping Innovators Advance

ADE's Managing Director has written nearly a dozen recent articles and an eBook that provide tips on seeking federal funding, securing development capital, advocating for and lobbying the U.S. Congresss, and promoting innovation to mitigate the climate crisis.

ADE's Federal Funding Program Impact

ADE 's managing director (who has been a registered lobbyist for 40+ years) has had a significant impact on the  two principle federal loan guarntee programs

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