Agriculture &

the Environment

Stewardship America is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in Florida.


It operated first as the Florida Stewardship Foundation then as Stewardship America from 1994 through 2005, at which time all the projects it had carried out with Florida Panther license plate and foundation grants had been successfully completed.


Stewardship America is in the process of being restarted, with the renewal of its 501(c)(3) status underway. It works on initiatives that will engender a thriving rural economy, an economically robust agriculture, a healthy natural environment, viable rural communities, safe supplies of food and fiber, and potent actions to address climate change which, in part, will support the Fresh-to-the-Table Farms project (next column).


An update of the website, which is linked to the Stewardship America's website, also is underway, describing the organization's previous work.

Fresh-to-the-Table Farms

American Diversified Enterprises (ADE-Enterprises) is developing a 470,000-acre, $3.2 billion, multi-enterprise group of farms in Montana and Wyoming that will:

  • generate its own and surplus power from renewable sources,

  • recycle all wastes, creating value-added products from the wastes,

  • eliminate the use of  chemical fertilizers,  pesticides, and growth hormones, so farm runoff and emissions are eliminated,

  • produce livestock; livestock products; value-added products; row crops; 25+ species of fish, shellfish, and crustaceans; and 50+ varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and medicinal plants in a state-of-the-art aquaponic system of fish ponds and all-season greenhouses.

All farm products will be raised from birth and grown from seed, prepared the moment they are at their peak flavor and readiness, and delivered fresh the next day to retail outlets, including custom orders for restaurants, ready for preparation and serving.